Sag Harbor Summer: I want a man…

…with blue eyes and garbage skills   THE BOYS cruise up and down in their cars here all night. They think if they do it often enough, they'll magically get laid,' says Jack, sitting on the porch of the American Hotel, drinking a kir. It's dusk on Main Street. The hotel is just down the road from the Paradise Grill, where …[Read more]

Icing on gingerbread

Reggie Nadelson, January 10 2009 Lovely, scented Santa Fe where in winter the air smells of pine and cedar. Where ristras of bright red chillies hang over every wall. And where, on top of the adobe buildings, the farolitos – traditionally votive candles in brown paper bags, now plastic bags with electric lights …[Read more]

Livingston, Montana

A resolute New Yorker falls unapologetically in love with this western town in the middle of nowhere—or rather, nowhere that writer Reggie Nadelson could have ever imagined. In an art gallery in Livingston, Montana, I meet a man who has been attacked by an elk. He's an art dealer, and as he drove through Yellowstone Park, an elk crashed …[Read more]

“Consuming Passions”: Kitchen Fever

With Martha Stewart’s future up for grabs in the wake of allegations of funny business trading stocks, it’s hard to imagine what people will do with the fancy kitchen tools they have acquired over years of watching her; years of acquisition of tools, pots and pans, pastry tubes, cookie cutters and cheese cloth, and coloured sprinkles and …[Read more]