Bloody LondonAs New York basks in a fine Indian summer, no one notices the feral teenagers in Central Park, or the homeless living by the river. Certainly no-one connects them to the Russian gangsters buying into respectability on the East Side, or to the dead Englishman in the swimming pool… Thomas Pascoe, a super-rich, elderly investment banker, is found gorily murdered on the day he was due to return to London, floating in the pool of the most exclusive apartment block in town. As head of the ‘co-op’ for the luxury apartments, where the residents own the shares, Pascoe had his say in who got to live in them, and who didn’t. Could this be a motive for his murder? The investigation takes Artie Cohen to London, where the gripping plot unfolds with a series of murders, an encounter with his longtime girlfriend, and a meeting with a figure from the past. The momentum of apparently tangential events builds to a trademark thrilling conclusion.

Praise for “Bloody London”

‘Lesser thriller writers…waste pages reaching for the effects that Nadelson achieves in a couple of lines.’ Daily Mail ‘Vivid and convincing… The story is well-plotted and exciting…an unusually well-written piece of detective fiction.’

‘Fans of early Cornwell should turn instead to Reggie Nadelson… Nadelson has an astute eye… Her style is one that shoots straight from the hip – full of slick one-liners, cunning second-guesses and characters who manage to be both mythic and credible. A writer who ranks alongside the best of Paretsky, and one who could easily inherit Cornwell’s crown. Book her.’
Daily Express