Reggie regularly contributes to a variety of radio programmes, including BBC’s The Strand and From our Own Correspondent on a broad range of subjects encompassing travel, food, culture and travel. Below is a selection of episodes. Click link to open BBC iPlayer in a new window.

From Our Own Correspondent:

5 February 2013 South African bling and American stardust

BBC World Service / 5 February 2013… a provocation to the generations who fought and survived aparthed? REGGIE NADELSON also taps into the power of teen mania, visiting a stage which… (click to listen)

31 January 2013 ‘Dream big, kid!’

BBC Radio 4 / 31 January 2013Battle of Stalingrad, which was drawing to a close exactly seventy years ago. And Reggie Nadelson tours the New York theatre which has staged… (click to listen)

19 June 2012 Poland and the USA

BBC World Service / 19 June 2012… of scarcity and suffering with vodka, caviar and sturgeon aplenty. Reggie Nadelson dives in at New York’s seafront – and is fascinated by…(click to listen)

2 June 2012 From Our Own Correspondent: 02/06/2012

BBC Radio 4 / 2 June 2012… ten miles from Wall Street and you’re bathing in the Atlantic Ocean! Reggie Nadelson’s in Brighton Beach, New York’s most interesting ethnic enclave. (click to listen)

8 April 2012 Mexico, Burma, France, Iceland, Argentina and the USA

BBC World Service / 8 April 2012Argentina has a number of passionate wine producers. Daniel Schweimler samples a few glasses. Reggie Nadelson takes a trip to her local appetizing… (click to listen)

7 April 2012 Iran and the USA

BBC World Service / 7 April 2012 Pascale Harter presents stories from Owen Bennett Jones about a group from Iran and Reggie Nadelson in the USA. The People’s Mujahedeen of Iran,… (click to listen)

31 March 2012 We’ll Take Manhattan

BBC Radio 4 / 31 March 2012… in a store in Manhattan? The answer to that one comes from Reggie Nadelson. (click to listen)

26 February 2012: New York City

BBC World Service / 26 February 2012Say yes to the dress! Another take on marriage from Reggie Nadelson in New York. The dress shop Kleinfeld’s has been catering to brides-to-be… (click to listen)

23 February 2012: Hong Kong and New York City

BBC World Service / 23 February 2012 Stories from Juilana Liu in Hong Kong and Reggie Nadelson in New York City. Presented by Owen Bennett Jones. ‘Locust invasion’ Expectant… (click to listen)

18 February 2012: New York City

BBC Radio 4 / 18 February 2012… exploring the tensions in this port city which until fifteen years ago was a British colony … while in New York City Reggie Nadelson looks around… (click to listen)

20 November 2011: Weekend Edition

BBC World Service / 20 November 2011… new diplomatic model; Kevin Connolly on the perennially ambivalent relationship between Turkey and the EU; Reggie Nadelson on the cultural… (click to listen)

16 November 2011: Cuba and Russia

BBC World Service / 16 November 2011… from correspondents around the world. In this edition, Peter Day sees some signs of economic change on the streets of Havana, while Reggie Nadelson…(click to listen)

5 November 201: Vladivostok

BBC Radio 4 / 5 November 2011America has the Wild West, Russia has its Wild East. And Reggie Nadelson’s there, in the port city of Vladivostok. The city, once closed to foreigners,… (click to listen)

29 June 2011: Nicaragua and the USA

BBC World Service / 29 June 2011… world. In this edition, Conor Woodman meets the Nicaraguan fishermen who risk life and limb to dive for lobster, while Reggie Nadelson sees how… (click to listen)

23 June 2011: Property Prices

BBC Radio 4 / 23 June 2011… but in Nicaragua, as Conor Woodman’s been hearing, catching them can be dangerous. Reggie Nadelson tells us how the price of property’s soaring… (click to listen)

12 March 2011: Harlem

BBC Radio 4 / 12 March 2011 Sandi Toksvig finds out about modern day Harlem in New York and looks at travel in Turkey. She talks to New Yorker Reggie Nadelson about one of…(click to listen)

31 December 2010: The Strand

BBC World Service / 31 December 2010… book The House of Rajani, British artist Mark Wallinger on the My City Project and Reggie Nadelson discusses the iconic jazz photos of the late…(click to listen)