PoppiesaA murder in New York’s diamond district; a dead Chinese girl with a photograph in her pocket; a plastic bag of irradiated heroin lying on the mantelpiece in an empty apartment; a fire in a sweatshop in the city’s swarming Chinatown; the worst blizzard in New York history…

These events conspire to bring ex-cop Artie Cohen out of retirement and back into an obsessive world of murder and politics that nearly killed him. Artie’s struggles to link them take him from New York, his own back yard, to Hong Kong, site of the last big grab on earth, where everything, and everyone, is for sale…

Praise for Reggie Nadelson

Artie Cohen is ‘the detective every woman would like to find in her bed’

‘That Cohen is a cop implies that [Nadelson’s] books are crime novels. They are, but they are also much more: thrillers that, as the cliché goes, are “ripped from today’s headlines”. And something else. They are also spectacular.’
US Vogue

‘Artie Cohen is the detective New York deserves: smart, wounded, emotional, haunted, and not as tough as he thinks.  Reggie Nadelson’s Cohen books get better and better.’ Salman Rushdie

‘Nadelson’s intelligent crime writing is a joy to read and, for all the horror, her passion for New York in all its mixed-up glory shines through.’
Daily Mail