Sag Harbor Summer: Porcelain Plums…

Wednesday, 4 August 1993 'I WANTED proper American country antiques, I didn't like faked-up things then. I still don't,' says Eliza Werner, the laconic proprietor of Sage Street Antiques. Her blue eyes peer out coolly from behind tortoiseshell spectacles at the mob frolicking in her shop this steamy Saturday morning, as …[Read more]

Sag Harbor Summer: I want a man…

…with blue eyes and garbage skills   THE BOYS cruise up and down in their cars here all night. They think if they do it often enough, they'll magically get laid,' says Jack, sitting on the porch of the American Hotel, drinking a kir. It's dusk on Main Street. The hotel is just down the road from the Paradise Grill, where …[Read more]

Sag Harbor Summer: Where’s my bicycle?

The Independent, August 1993 THE WORLD is slowly arriving in Sag Harbor,' says Detective Thomas Mackey. Over the weekend, I lost my innocence. And met Detective Mackey, a big handsome cop with a red crewcut - red with a blond glint, more like - some poetic rhetoric and tales to tell about the seamy side of Sag Harbor. On …[Read more]

“Consuming Passions”: Pink Christmas

Pink, as Diana Vreeland once said, is “the navy blue of India”. Me, I want a completely pink Christmas, a tree with pink garlands, pink punch on the table, a pink holiday… But let me explain. “Oh Madam, do please just leave your laundry anywhere and we’ll take care of it.” I am at the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower in Mumbai (Bombay), ensconced in the Elephanta Suite, overlooking the Gateway of India, and this is my butler, Vistaspa, speaking: “Just leave it anywhere.” It is a …[Read more]

The people’s pictures

The Guardian, 2002 It became New York's family album, a public scrapbook, a repository for pictures about September 11, in itself perhaps the most photographed event in American history. The pictures were hung in a small shop in downtown Manhattan, pictures taken on 9/11 and in the aftermath, at Ground Zero, from rooftops, bridges, …[Read more]