At Balthazar: The New York Brasserie at the Center of the World



At Balthazar is the ideal reflection of a great restaurant. Balthazar has survived and thrives because it has never dropped the ball. The room, the service, the atmosphere. Reggie Nadelson doesn’t drop the ball either. She’s our perfect host.” 

At Balthazar is a beautiful New York love story. Nobody could have written it better than Reggie Nadelson who captures the tastes and smells, the glamour, nitty-gritty, and the theater of the restaurant and of the city itself.” 

Published in  April 2017,At Balthazar is about the iconic Soho restaurant Keith McNally opened in 1997, in an area of New York City that was then, as Clark put it, “a new downtown Bohemia.” Nadelson’s title, Clark elaborated, will be a history of the restaurant (which serves some half a million meals a year), as well as an examination of downtown Manhattan and, in a larger sense, “food, design, economics, and celebrity.” Balthazar will also feature recipes from the restaurant’s chef de cuisine, Shane McBride. The book’s release is being timed to coincide with the restaurant’s 20th anniversary.

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From Our Own Correspondent

Reggie regularly contributes to “From Our Own Correspondent”  the BBC World Service flagship programme of weekly reflections from correspondents around the world. Here you can listen to some of her recent contribution to the programme

A Footnote to Conflict
Reggie Nadelson visits a seaside town on America’s east coast where African Americans traditionally took their summer holidays.


South African bling and American stardust

bbcReggie taps into the power of teen mania, visiting a stage which launched a thousand showbiz careers at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NYC



‘Dream big, kid!’
bbcReggie Nadelson tours the New York theatre which has staged concerts by just about everybody in African-American musical entertainment.


Reggie Nadelson’s in Brighton Beach, New York’s most interesting ethnic enclave.



manhattanManhattan ’62

During the long, hot summer of 1962, NYPD detective Pat Wynne catches the hardest case of his career. A young Cuban man’s body has been found on the High Line freight railroad, mutilated beyond recognition. As two other Cubans are murdered, both with the same tattoo of a worm and the words Cuba Libre, Pat begins to realise that there are larger forces in play.

Meanwhile, international tension is mounting and missiles are trained on America. New York is terrified.

Pat is not only investigating a disturbing, politically sensitive case: there may be a spy on his own doorstep. Are his instincts correct, or is he about to commit the ultimate act of betrayal?

A stunning recreation of New York in the 1960s, a masterful evocation of a world on the brink of the armageddon that was the Cuban Missile Crisis, Reggie Nadelson has woven a taut, gripping political thriller with her customary power and verve in what is perhaps her most beautiful love-letter to the city of New York.

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